Marleton HDG offers
you a high-tech inner ear implant

Marleton HDG offers
you a high-tech inner ear implant

Ear implantation is an opportunity to restore hearing using modern technology.

About us

Marleton HDG LLC has been supplying medical devices for many years and today the main focus for us is providing inner ear implants.

Inner ear implantation is a process that directly affects the auditory nerve and allows to compensate for hearing loss in patients with severe neurosensory (sensorineural) hearing loss.
Inner ear implant is a high-tech device that allows a deaf person to receive parts of the surrounding sounds, ie – to hear.

For everybody

The device can be installed by people of absolutely any age. The inner ear implant is made for people with bilateral deafness or grade 4 hearing loss. In recent years, the indications for an inner ear implant have expanded and may also be recommended for patients with hearing loss.

Final solution

For most patients with hearing loss, hearing aids are sufficient to compensate for the discomfort, but sometimes they are not effective enough. Inner ear implantation is a technique used when a patient has sensorineural hearing loss, therefore hearing aid is not enough.

Easy to use

With an inner ear implant, you can live a full life and do sports, including even swimming. Patients can fly a plane, use a mobile phone and perform medical procedures (X-rays, ultrasound diagnostics, etc.).
Over time, you'll even forget having it!

How inner ear implants work?

Inner ear systems are used for sensory hearing loss. They consist of two parts: an external speech processor and an internal implant.

Kohleaarne implantatsioon
  1. Spiral
    transmits a signal
    through the skin
    to the implant and on to the electrodes.
  2. The speech processor
    has two microphones that receive sounds. Microphones convert sound into an electrical signal and transmit it to the coil.
  3. Electrodes
    are located in the inner ear. They stimulate the auditory receptors and the brain interprets the stimulation as sound.



The installation of the device is performed only by highly qualified surgeons. It's safe for the brain.
1.5-2 hours

Connection to the speech processor

About 4 weeks after the operation, the doctors switch on the system and the patient develops a hearing.
4 weeks


After the operation, a very important stage for the child's future development begins - rehabilitation treatment. The operation provides only functional hearing, after which the child must be taught to utilise the ability to hear. This requires the help of teachers.

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